The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is proud to have partnered with various funding organisations working with universities, sites of initial teacher education and related projects. These partners share an interest in providing further opportunities to candidates who show potential within the selection process but who are not ultimately successful as Jakes Gerwel Fellows.

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Statement of Integrity

I hereby certify that I will provide accurate information in this application. I authorise all persons or entities to provide any relevant information in their possession to the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship or its agent for use in considering me for admission or verifying my credentials for admission. I expressly waive any required notice to me. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in my application will justify denial of admission, the cancellation of admission or expulsion. I hereby grant permission to the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship to utilise the information provided in this application for the purposes of the Fellowship's activities. I confirm that as the applicant, I completed this application by myself and that it is my own honest statement to the admission committee.

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